Vietnam is a Major Importer of Many Polymers, Chemicals and Related Products

Polyolefins, PTA, liquefied propane gas, soda ash, PVC, MEG, PET and methanol were leading imports, with sizable volumes also of recyclable PE, ABS, polycarbonates and caustic soda.

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New ITP Products

At the request of subscribers, ITP now analyzes global trade in soda ash, caustic soda, all available recyclable polymers, adipic acid, acetic anhydride, paraformaldehyde, MIBK, DOTP, polymeric MDI, Identified – PBT, – MMA and – IPA (based on available statistics), and medical rubber gloves (natural and synthetic).

Expansion in Iran’s Exports of Liquefied Gases and Chemicals

Iran is a major exporter of liquefied gases and chemicals and the country’s shipments of these products have risen dramatically over the last five years.

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China’s Commodity Polymer Trade February 2023 YTD

China’s imports through February 2023 of polyethylene, China’s largest commodity polymer import, showed no change versus February 2022 YTD. Imports of polypropylene posted a moderate increase. On the export side, however, China shipped substantially more of each major commodity polymer than in the same period in 2022.

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