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New ITP Products

At the request of subscribers, ITP now analyzes global trade in soda ash, caustic soda, all available recyclable polymers, adipic acid, acetic anhydride, paraformaldehyde, MIBK, DOTP, polymeric MDI, Identified – PBT, – MMA and – IPA (based on available statistics), and medical rubber gloves (natural and synthetic).

Long-term Trends in Imports and Exports for Every Country and Region are Revealed in ITP’s New Trade Archive From 2010

The new Trade Archive is a resource of historic volume, price and trading partner information for every country and region from 2010.

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New Focus on Middle East Trade

Several countries in the Middle East do not publish timely statistics on their exports or imports. Most of their trade, however, is visible from the imports and exports of trading partners. The 100 reporting countries in ITP’s data base are estimated to capture from 75%-95% of actual trade. ITP’s World Trade Reports now show Middle East trade by trading partner, including monthly quantity, average PPT and cumulative volume for: Israel, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

All Available Countries Added to ITP’s World Trade Reports and Matrixes

Not all countries publish their trade statistics. All those that do, however, are included in ITP’s World Trade Reports and Matrixes, providing the most comprehensive coverage possible for liquefied gases, olefins, polyolefins, other major polymers, recyclable polymers, synthetic rubber products, vinyl monomers and others. ITP’s database now contains 100 countries and will be expanded as more countries become available.