Monthly Archives: October 2022

Western Europe’s Polyolefin Intra-regional Trade and Import Volumes Indicated Steady Demand Through July 2022

Although polyolefin demand in Western Europe will increasingly be impacted by economic and geopolitical forces, both intra-regional trade and imports into the region remained steady through July based on actual reported statistics.

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EU Bans Imports of Most Polymers from Russia

On October 6, 2022 the EU placed additional sanctions on almost 7 billion Euro’s worth of imports from Russia. These included most polymers.

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US Exports of Ethylene Polymers August 2022 YTD Were 20% Higher Than August 2021 YTD but the Relative Distribution by Region Remained Almost Unchanged

The United States reported exports of 7.45 million tons of ethylene polymers through August, 2022, up 20% from the same period in 2021. Exports increased to every region but there were minor changes in each region’s percent of total.

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