Western Europe’s Polyolefin Intra-regional Trade and Import Volumes Indicated Steady Demand Through July 2022

Although polyolefin demand in Western Europe will increasingly be impacted by economic and geopolitical forces, both intra-regional trade and imports into the region remained steady through July based on actual reported statistics.

A large part of a region’s demand can be measured by the volume of trade between member states plus imports into the region from abroad. YTD volumes show the change from the previous period; monthly volumes are the earliest indicators of trends.

Year to date through July Western Europe’s intra-regional trade in ethylene polymers totaled 6.0 million tons, up 2%, with imports of 3.1 million tons, up 13%. Intra-regional trade in propylene polymers was 4.1 million tons, down 1%, with imports of 1.5 million tons, up 16%.

Relatively steady monthly intra-regional trade and import volumes were evident through July. Projections for months ahead face challenges.

From International Trader Publications’ Polymer World Trade Analyses.