Africa’s Polyethylene Import Trends

Africa, in addition to Latin America, is an increasingly important market for polyethylene exporters, particularly those in the Middle East, as demand in Europe and Asia eases. 

In 2014, Africa imported over 820,000 tons of HDPE, up 9%. The Middle East supplied 54% of the total, Asia-Pacific, 27%, and Western Europe, 17%. Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania and South Africa were leading volume and growth importers.

Imports of L/LLDPE rose 5% in 2014, to over 890,000 tons, with a roughly similar distribution for suppliers: Middle East 58%; Asia-Pacific 21%; and Western Europe, 13%. Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania were important growth import markets.

Through June of 2015, HDPE imports into Africa were up 10%, noting unchanged supplies from the Middle East, a small drop in imports from Western Europe but a surge in imports from Asia-Pacific. Imports of L/LLDPE dropped by 9%, large percentage gains on supplies from Asia not offsetting a decline from the Middle East.

From ITP’s: World Trade Reports