Changes in PVC Trade Flows in 2013

Much higher exports from Asia-Pacific, higher shipments from Western Europe and nearly flat export volumes from North America are projected features of global trade in 2013. These are some of the major changes in trade flows projected for 2013, with percentage changes versus 2012:

– exports from Asia-Pacific to other world regions of over 700,000 tons, up 20%. High growth export destinations: Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America,  up 20%-40%

– exports from Western Europe to Eastern Europe, the top destination, up 7%. Exports to Africa up more than double; to Asia-Pacific, unchanged.

– exports from North America of over 2.5 million tons, down 1%. Shipments to Eastern Europe up 24%; to Latin America, up 9%; to Africa, up 4%; to Asia-Pacific, down 35%.