Chemical Products from US that China has Targeted for Additional Tariffs

In addition to polyethylene, mainly in the form of conventional high pressure polymer, China has proposed tariffs on a number of other chemical and related products. The largest volumes potentially impacted include liquefied propane gas, PVC and EDC.

In 2017 China imported 3.38 million tons of LPG from the US, out of total imports of 13.4 million tons. Imports of PVC from US were 307,000 tons, out of 772,000 tons; imports of EDC, 261,000 tons, out of 375,000 tons.

Other products on China’s list include: polycarbonate polymer, polyester (excluding PET and PBT), acrylonitrile, epoxide resin, PET Film/Sheet, Polyethylene Film/Sheet, acrylic polymers (excluding PMMA and polyacrylamide), silicone resins, and, polyamide 6,6 polymer.

From International Trader Publications’ World Trade Reports on each of the above products.