China’s Exports of All the Commodity Polymers Set New Records in March 2024

The simultaneous jump to new highs in March of China’s exports of polyethylene, polypropylene, styrenic polymers, PVC and PET was unprecedented. A rebound in polymer shipments after the holiday in February was expected and evident historically but new polymer capacity was also indicated, particularly in polypropylene.

Exports of all of the polymer groups hit new highs in March:

Asia-Pacific, Africa and Eastern Europe were China’s top destinations, also noting Latin America for polypropylene and PET and the Middle East for PET. Exports to Western Europe were small.

From International Trader Publications’ China Polymer Trade Report, a monthly analysis of China’s trade in all grades of polymers of ethylene, propylene, styrene, VCM and PET, recyclable polymers, and fabricated plastic products.