China’s Imports Surge in November 2011

After slowdowns in both September and October, China’s imports of most of the products followed by ITP surged in November. This followed a typical pattern of heavy trade in the last two months of each year in advance of the Chinese New Year in February.

Imports of MEG jumped to 678 KT in November, up from 558 KT in October. HDPE imports were 354 KT, up from 267 KT; polypropylene imports, 361 KT, up from 276 KT. Gains on imports for most other products were modest.

With the increase in volume in November, and strong volumes expected again in December, China’s imports at year end are likely to show gains, or at least, equal, the prior year for the polyolefins and many basic organic chemicals. Likely exceptions, with declines, are ABS, benzene, PSN and PVC.

Note: in January, ITP will launch a new monthly report that will cover China’s imports and exports of virgin polymer, imports of polymer scrap and waste, and exports of various fabricated plastic products for polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, PVC and PET.  For more information, please contact us.

[important]This information is from ITP’s newsletters on global trade in polymers and chemicals, available by subscription monthly or quarterly.[/important]

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