EDC/VCM – Major Trade Trends in 2014

ITP’s analysis of global trade projects a 3% increase in the volume of EDC traded in 2014 versus 2013, to over 3 million tons. VCM global trade volume contracted by 1%, to 3.5 million tons. Increases or decreases in global trade volume generally indicate the same trends in global demand.

Major trends in EDC trade in 2014 included a 5% increase in imports into Asia-Pacific, China, India and Taiwan major growth markets, a 4% rise in shipments from North America, to over 1 million tons, and, a 21% jump in exports from the Middle East (Saudi Arabia and Qatar), to 0.5 million tons.

Major trends in VCM trade in 2014 included a 4% drop in Asia-Pacific intra-regional trade and a 17% decline in imports into that region. Asia-Pacific imported roughly equal volumes from North America and the Middle East but imports from North America were up slightly, while those from the Middle East fell sharply. North America also expanded its exports to Latin America.