US Exports of Polyethylene to Latin America

The United States reported exports of LDPE/LLDPE in 2016 to Latin America of 850,000 tons, down 11%, and 1.36 million tons of HDPE, up 8%.

Based on preliminary data for 2016, Latin America’s imports of LDPE/LLDPE from other key¬†sources were: Middle East, 130,000 tons; Asia-Pacific 60,000 tons; Western Europe, 140,000 tons.

Latin America’s imports of HDPE from other sources included: Middle East, 70,000 tons; Asia-Pacific, 95,000 tons; Western Europe, 70,000 tons. Imports from all three regions declined in 2016.

Because of Latin America’s proximity there is the potential for competitively priced polymer from the US to displace some of Latin America’s imports from other sources, and this appears to have already happened in 2016, especially¬†for HDPE.

Source: International Trader Publications’: United States Polymer Trade Report, and, World Trade Reports on LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE