Global Methacrylates Trade up 6% in 2018

Over 1.4 million tons of methacrylates was traded globally in 2018, up 6% from 2017. The Middle East became the world’s largest methacrylates exporting region, surpassing North America and Western Europe.

Saudi Methacrylates Co. started up a new plant late in 2017. Exports visible from the Middle East in 2018 totaled 164,000 tons, three-quarters of which went to Asia-Pacific; another 20% to Western and Eastern Europe; and the remainder to Africa and Latin America.

North America exported approximately 135,000 tons of methacrylates, with increased focus on Latin America and Western Europe.

Western Europe also exported 135,000 tons, lower shipments to Africa , Latin America and the Middle East offset by gains in other regions.

From: International Trader Publications’ Methacrylates World Trade Report