Global Trends in Acetic Acid Trade

A 3% increase in global trade volume, to nearly 2 million tons, indicated growth in global demand for acetic acid through July 2016. The increase mainly reflected expanded intra-regional trade within Western Europe and Asia-Pacific.  The world’s top two importing regions each imported less acetic acid: Western Europe, 260,000 tons, down 7% through July; Latin America, 260,000 tons, down 3%.

Reduced shipments to these regions resulted in a 9% drop in North American exports, to 480,000 tons.

Exports from the Middle East, although only 84,000 tons, were up 14%. This followed a 17% rise, to 148,000 tons, in the region’s exports last year.

From: International Trader Publications’ Acetic Acid World Trade Report. Contact for more information.