United States Exports High Volumes of Polyolefins and PVC

United States exported high volumes of polyethylene, polypropylene, propylene copolymers and PVC in March 2011, but shipments YTD varied widely from last year.

United States’ exports in March of all the polyethylene grades and also polypropylene homopolymer, propylene copolymers and PVC were at their highest levels for several months.

Shipments year to date, however, differed substantially from last year. Exports of polyethylene were down significantly, largely reflecting much lower shipments to China but also noting declines to Mexico. US exports March YTD were: LDPE, 145 K tons, down 25%; LLDPE, 138 K tons, down 37%; HDPE, 460 K tons, down 15%.

Exports of polypropylene homopolymer totaled 317 K tons YTD, up 9%, a small drop in shipments to China offset by gains to Mexico, Canada and other markets. Propylene copolymer exports were 149 K tons for the quarter, down 4%, largely reflecting declines to Mexico and Canada.

PVC exports continued strong and showed a 15% increase for the quarter, to 776 K tons, noting large percentage gains on exports to Mexico, Turkey, Russia and others.

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