Huge jump in China’s polyolefin imports

The end of the Chinese New Year holiday, low prices, plus a new government stimulus effort and the anticipation of additional measures to come, resulted in a massive increase in China’s imports of polyolefin and other polymers in March, 2015.

There is typically a rebound in polymer imports after the holiday, but the rebound in March 2015 reflected exceptionally strong demand. There were all-time record highs set on imports of LLDPE, 314,000 tons, HDPE, 597,000 tons, propylene copolymers, 175,000 and EVA, 78,000 tons.

Imports of LDPE, polypropylene, polyamides, PVC and recycle polymers also were up substantially.

From: April 2015 issue, The China Polymer World Trade Report.