Japan’s PVC Exports Drop; Exports of Other Polymers Vary

Japan’s exports of PVC in March 2011 were a low for the last 15 months. Relatively high volumes of polypropylene, polycarbonates and ethylene copolymers were shipped during the month; export volumes of most other products were at typical levels. Trends YTD varied by product.

Year to date through the first quarter polyacetals exports were up 39%, to 20 K tons; polycarbonates rose 22%; to 53 K tons; ABS exports, 39 K, were flat; SAN exports, 11 K tons, were down 30%.

Japan’s exports YTD of most commodity polymers were down: L/LLDPE, 58 K tons, down 8%; HDPE, 48 K tons, down 26%; ethylene copolymers, 42 K tons, down 5%; polypropylene, 84 K tons, down 3%; uncompounded PVC, 141 K tons, down 31%. Propylene copolymer exports posted a gain of 17%, to 47 K tons.

Export results YTD among other leading products varied: ethylene, 124 K tons, down 9%; propylene, 210 K tons, up 4%; styrene, 383 K tons, up 24%.

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