Major Trends in HDPE Global Trade in 2015

The volume of high density polyethylene traded globally in 2015 was up 8% from 2014, indicating a significant increase in global demand. A strong increase in exports from North America and moderately higher Middle East shipments were prominent trends.

Based on data for the year which is nearly complete, global HDPE trade volume in 2015 was 21 million tons, up 8% from 2014.

Exports from North America jumped 30%, to 1.9 million tons, mainly on shipments to Latin America but also on gains to Asia-Pacific and every other regions. Shipments to Latin America and Asia-Pacific trended upward in the second half of the year.

Middle East exports were 6.9 million tons, up 8%, with the same percentage gain on shipments to Asia-Pacific, sharply higher volumes to Africa, a moderate gain to Eastern Europe, but lower shipments to Western Europe.

From: International Trader Publications’ HDPE World Trade Review of 2015, and, the HDPE World Trade Report.