Major Trends in Methanol Global Trade in 2015

The volume of methanol traded globally in 2015 was unchanged from 2014, indicating no increase in global demand. Much higher exports from the Middle East to Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America were prominent trends during the year.

Based on earliest available data, which is approximately 90% complete, global trade volume in 2015 was 30 million tons, unchanged from the prior year.

Exports from the Middle East rose by 21%, to over 12 million tons,  Asia-Pacific was the destination for more than 10 million tons of the total, up 17%, Western Europe for well over 1 million tons, up 34%, Eastern Europe for more than 0.4 million tons, up more than double. Middle East shipments to North America jumped by 66%, to over 200,000 tons.

Imports into North America from Latin America, however, were down by 26%, to 3.2 million tons.

From International Trader Publications’ World Trade Review of 2015 for methanol.