Mixed Trends for Polyethylene Exports from Qatar

HDPE exports from Qatar were up 25% through August 2014 versus the prior year; shipments of combined L/LLDPE were off 13%. Qatar exports polyethylene to over 60 markets in every region worldwide.

HDPE exports totaled 964,000 tons YTD, up 25% on higher volumes to numerous market, including China, India, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Jordan, Pakistan, Turkey and Sri Lanka.

Qatar’s exports of L/LLDPE, however, fell by 13% through August, to 1.0 million tons.  China continued as Qatar’s top destination, with 173,000 tons, but this was down 16% from last year. (China reported a total of 1.4 million tons of LDPE imports through August, up 26%, and 1.7 million tons of LLDPE, up 17%. Imports of about 100,000 tons of LDPE and 70,000 tons of LLDPE were from Qatar. Qatar’s exports to China were apparently impacted by China’s having bought much higher volumes of LDPE from, among others, Iran, Saudi Arabia and South Korea, and of LLDPE from Singapore.)

Qatar’s second largest export market for L/LLDPE was India, with 117,000 tons, down 5%. Other leading volume destinations with declines: Belgium, UAE, Turkey, Pakistan, Italy, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.