Overview of Iran’s Commodity Polymer Trade July 2018 YTD

In the first seven months of 2018, Iran exported slightly more polyethylene than in the same period in 2017. Exports of polypropylene were lower; exports of styrenic polymers and PVC increased, but volumes were small. Exports of fabricated plastic products reached new highs.

Through July 2018, Iran exported 2.2 million tons of commodity polymers, up 4%.

Polyethylene exports were 1.9 million tons of the total, also up 4%. Exports to China accounted for 1.4 million tons of the polyethylene total, with much smaller volumes to Turkey, Iraq and other destinations.

Shipments of other commodity polymers were: polypropylene, 102,000 tons, down 9%;  styrenic polymers, 125,000 tons, up 149%; and PVC, 121,000 tons, up 7%.

Iran imports relatively small volumes of commodity polymers: 134,000 tons through July, down 40%. Polyethylene and polypropylene imports were nearly 100,000 tons.

Exports of fabricated plastic products were at record levels through most of the period, with  shipments to date of 128,000 tons, up 45%. Polyethylene and polypropylene film/sheet and bags/sacks made up most of the total.

From International Trader Publications’ “Iran Polymer Trade Report”.