PET – Major Trade Trends in 2014

ITP’s analysis of global trade projects an 8% increase in the volume of PET polymer traded in 2014 versus 2013, to over 9 million tons. Higher global trade volume generally indicates higher global demand.

Major trends in 2014 included a very strong expansion of PET trade within the Asia-Pacific region, much higher imports into North America versus the prior year, and moderately higher imports into Western Europe. Imports declined into Eastern Europe, the world’s largest import market.

Shipments by Asia-Pacific, the world’s largest exporting region, rose 3%. Exports from Western Europe and Eastern Europe each rose by around 6%.  Exports out of Africa (mainly Egypt) rose sharply although volumes, shipped mainly to Western and Eastern Europe, were relatively small. Latin America’s exports climbed 20%, primarily on Mexico to US.

China exported at record levels, shipping 2.3 million tons of polymer in 2014, up 17%, on higher volumes to numerous markets both within and outside the region.