Polypropylene: Current Global Trade Trends

The volume of polypropylene homopolymer traded globally, 6.1 million tons, was up 3% through May 2015 versus the prior year. Shipments from the Middle East and Western Europe were up; North America’s contracted slightly; exports from Eastern Europe jumped by over 50%.

The Middle East exported 1.4 million tons of polypropylene homopolymer through May, up 3%. Exports to Asia-Pacific, the region’s largest market, grew 4%. Volumes to Western Europe rose 21%; to Latin America, 19%. Shipments to Eastern Europe were off 4%.

Western Europe exported 497,000 tons to date, up 9%, mainly on higher Eastern European trade. North America shipped 189,000 tons, down 2% on lower trade with Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Exports from Eastern Europe were mainly from Russia and totaled 187,000 tons, up 54%. Shipments to every region were up sharply, with the largest volumes going to Western Europe and Asia-Pacific.

From ITP’s: Polypropylene World Trade Report