Propylene World Trade Survey of Major Trends August 2014 YTD

The volume of propylene monomer traded globally through August 2014 was down 2% from the prior year. The decline reflected, among other factors, reduced trade within Western Europe, further declines on exports from the Middle East to Asia-Pacific, and a sharp drop in North America’s exports to Latin America. Propylene global trade volume totaled 4.3 million tons August 2014 YTD based on reporting countries, down 2%. Intra-regional trade in Western Europe contracted by 19% on weak demand, to 1.1 million tons, with relatively small volume imports coming from abroad; Middle East exports to Asia-Pacific were down 9%, to 77,000 tons; and, North America’s exports to Latin America were off 52%, to 39,000 tons, mainly on lower US shipments to Colombia. Among the positives was a 12% expansion in trade within Asia-Pacific, to 2.5 million tons, noting substantially higher shipments from South Korea and Taiwan.

In contrast, global propylene trade in 2013 ended the year up 5%, to 6.9 million tons. Among the growth factors was a 13% rise in North America’s exports to Latin America and a 19% increase in trade within Asia-Pacific.

From ITP’s on line Propylene World Trade Survey, providing a continuously updated view of trade flows between countries and regions.