PVC Global Trade Volume Projected to be up 3% in 2012

PVC imports into Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East are projected to be up by 6%-12% in 2012; exports from Western Europe, up 9%; exports from Latin America, up 24%; exports from North America, up 2%. There have been significant shifts in trade flows between regions.

Asia-Pacific imports are projected to be up 12% for the year, a small decline on volumes from North America more than offset by a large increase in polymer from Western Europe.   North America’s exports to Latin America and Eastern Europe are also projected to be down for the year, although shipments to Africa and the Middle East will show gains.

Imports into Eastern Europe, the world’s largest PVC import market, are projected to be flat, as lower volumes from North America and Asia-Pacific are offset by increased supplies from Western Europe and Latin America.

Final PVC trade figures for 2012 will be in ITP’s World Trade Annual Review, to be published March 2013.