Robust Expansion in Global Benzene Trade

Benzene trade volume was up 19% through June 2013 versus the prior year. Several key countries reported much higher imports; exports from Thailand, Germany, Japan and others were up sharply.Over 4 million tons of benzene monomer were traded globally through June 2013. The United States continued as the world’s top market, importing nearly 1 million tons, up 24%. China and Singapore were particularly high growth markets: China importing 385,000 tons June YTD, up 145%; Singapore importing, 272,000 tons, up 137%. Saudi Arabia’s imports, visible from trading partner exports, were down 23%, to 145,000 tons, while Saudi Arabia’s exports posted a small gain, rising to 136,000 tons.

Thailand, Germany and Japan each exported between 350,000 to 400,000 tons through June, with percentage gains ranging from 38% to 56% versus the prior year.