Sharp Drop in Polyethylene Exports From Singapore and Korea to China in February 2020

Exports of ethylene polymers to China accounted for more than half of Singapore’s and Korea’s total exports in 2019 but shipments to China from both countries plummeted in January, and, especially, in February, the most current month available.

Singapore’s exports to China of ethylene polymers (LDPE/LLDPE, HDPE, EVA, EAOC and Other Copolymers) fell from 237,000 tons in December, 2019, to 201,000 tons in January and to 117,000 tons in February. YTD through February, Singapore exported a total of 724,000 tons, down 22% versus the same period last year. Of the total, 317,000 tons went to China, down 28%. Note that Singapore’s exports include re-exports of substantial volumes of imports. About two-thirds of Singapore’s imports are from Saudi Arabia.

Korea’s exports to China fell from 192,000 tons in December, to 163,000 tons in January and to 116,000 tons in February. YTD through February, Korea exported a total of 552,000 tons, up 2% versus the same period in 2019. Of the total, 279,000 tons went to China, down 1%.

By Jean Sudol and Christiana Fierro. Data from International Trader Publications’ All Polymers of Ethylene World Trade Report, Latest Imports/Export Statistics. This is an online Report on global trade in all ethylene polymers as a total, developed from the latest, continuously updated, statistics of 100 countries. Separate Reports are available for individual polymer grades.