Strong Start to 2019 for US Polyethylene Exports

US exported 709,000 tons of ethylene polymers in January, 2019, a new monthly record. This was up 44% from the prior January. The average price fell to $1225/ton.

Exports of HDPE were 258,600 tons at $1210/ton. Shipments of linear low density as ethylene-alpha-olefins copolymers (EAOC) were 217,800 tons at $1102/ton. Exports of conventional high pressure LDPE were 100,200 tons at $1228/ton.

Exports to all regions were up from the prior year. Latin America was the top export destination for HDPE and conventional high pressure LDPE. For EAOC, roughly equal volumes were exported to Western Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. January 2019 data is shown below.

From International Trader Publications: United States Polymer Trade Report, a monthly publication focused on US imports/exports of all commodity polymers, recycle polymers and high volume fabricated plastic products.