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Unusually Low Imports of Recycle Polymer into China

China’s imports of both virgin and recycle polymers tend to slow during the month of October because of the national holiday. In October 2015, however, imports of virgin polymers eased only slightly while imports of recycle polymer plummeted, sharply lower prices on virgin material making recycle polymer less competitive. Continue reading

China’s Scrap Polymer Imports are Large and Growing

Imports into China of scrap and waste commodity polymers are large, growing, and should be considered along with imports of virgin polymer in analyzing China’s demand. Continue reading

New Perspective on China’s Polymer Trade

In 2011, China will import approximately 18 million tons of virgin commodity polymers, plus 8 million tons of scrap and waste polymer. China will export 3 million tons of virgin commodity polymers and more than 3.5 million tons of specific fabricated plastics products identified by polymer, plus 2.5 million tons of fabricated product groups of mixed polymers. These important trade flows are covered in a new report. Continue reading