Lower Polyolefin Exports from Russia Indicated by Trading Partner Import Statistics Through June 2022 and Projected Through August

Russia stopped publishing trade statistics after January 2022. Russia’s exports, however, are visible from trading partner import statistics in ITP’s World Trade Matrixes. These indicate declines for both Russia’s exports of polymers of ethylene and propylene.

Polyolefins are among Russia’s largest volume exports. Through June 2022, trading partners reported imports of 379,000 tons of ethylene polymers from Russia, down 29%, and 318,000 tons of propylene polymers, down 9%.

ITP’s Projected Matrixes through August indicate exports from Russia of 586,000 tons of ethylene polymers, down 19%, and 478,000 tons of propylene polymers, down 6%.

Large volumes continued to be imported into China and Turkey.

From International Trader Publications’ World Trade Analyses of and Projected Trade Matrixes for all polymers of ethylene and propylene.