Trends in Butadiene Global Trade in 2017

Butadiene global trade in 2017 was 2.7 million tons, up 7% from 2016.

Asia-Pacific was the largest regional import market, importing over 500,000 tons, up 37%.  Western Europe was the largest supplier to the region, shipping nearly 200,000 tons, up 55%. Latin America and the Middle East provided roughly 150,000 tons each, up 86% and 10%, respectively.

Imports into North America were down 27% for the year, to just over 200,000 tons.

Although Western Europe exported over 400,000 tons of butadiene in 2017, mainly to Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, the region also imported 56,000 tons, up 148%, mainly from Russia, Hungary, Brazil, China and Taiwan.

From International Trader Publications’ Butadiene World Trade Report – a continuously updated on line analysis of trade trends between countries and regions, based on latest import/export statistics from 46 countries.