Trends in Western Europe’s Trade in Butadiene

Western Europe is the world’s largest exporter of butadiene, shipping nearly 500,000 tons in 2018, up 14% partly on a jump in exports to North America.

Western Europe’s largest export destination in 2018 was Asia-Pacific, 210,000 tons, up 9% from 2017. Exports to North America rose 78%, to 114,000 tons. Eastern Europe was also a growth export destination, but shipments to Latin America dropped.

North America was a strong import market in 2018, volume up 29%, to 270,000 tons. Imports from both Western Europe and Asia-Pacific were higher; supplies from Latin America, unchanged.

Asia-Pacific is the world’s largest import market for butadiene, volume in 2018 down 11%, to 469,000 tons. Although imports from Western Europe increased, supplies from the Middle East, Latin America and North America were down.

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