Trends in LNG Global Trade in 2017.

LNG global trade in 2017 was 280 million tons, up 8%.

Asia-Pacific was a major factor in global LNG trade volume and growth in 2017. Trade within the region expanded by 17%, to 114 million tons, and imports from other regions were up 8%, to 94 million tons. Although the Middle East continued to be the largest supplier to the region, providing 64 million tons, this was flat with the prior year. Imports from North America, however, although smaller volume, more than quadrupled, to 5.2 million tons.

North America exported a total of 13 million tons of LNG during the year, the 113% jump from 2016 reflecting higher shipments to Asia-Pacific, and also to Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe and, with nearly 2 million tons, the Middle East.

Western Europe imported 30 million tons of LNG, up 5%. Imports from both North America and Latin America were much higher than in 2016; imports from the Middle East rose slightly; LNG from Africa was down.

From International Trader Publication’s LNG World Trade Report – a continuously updated on line analysis of trade trends between countries and regions, based on latest import/export statistics from 45 countries.