Acetone World Trade Survery of Major Trends July 2014 YTD

Much higher imports into and also exports from the United States, increased imports into Western Europe from Eastern Europe and Africa, and continued declines on imports into China were prominent trends in the world’s trade in acetone through July 2014.

Imports of acetone into the United States through July were up 50% from last year, to 58,000 tons, South Korea, Taiwan and the Sasol plant in South Africa the top sources. Exports, however, also increased, up 21%, to 103,000 tons, the gain mainly reflecting higher shipments to China, Canada and Brazil, with nearly steady volumes to top market Mexico.

Trends in Western Europe included a 4% expansion of trade within the region, plus increased increased imports from Eastern Europe, up nearly double, and South Africa, up 29%.

In Asia-Pacific, China’s imports were down 3% through July, to 286,000 tons, and supply sources shifted – with higher volumes from Korea, Belgium and, especially, US and Singapore, and declines from Taiwan and Thailand.

From: ITP’s World Trade Surveys – providing a continuously updated view of current trade flows between countries and regions for specific products.