Phenolic Resins World Trade Survey – Major Trends August 2014 YTD

Global trade volume in phenolic resins was down slightly through August 2014, mainly on lower trade within Asia-Pacific and also lower imports into the region from Western Europe and North America. There was a 4% contraction in global trade volume through August, to 480,000 tons, based on reporting countries. In 2013, 880,000 tons of phenolic resins had been traded worldwide, up 1%.

China’s imports trended downward throughout 2013, steadying in 2014. Imports through August 2014 totaled 65,000 tons, down 13%; exports were 51,000 tons, down 5%.

Despite the slowdown in demand from China, US exports were up 17% through July, to 56,000 tons, mainly on trade with Canada and Mexico.

From: ITP’s World Trade Surveys – providing a continuously updated view of current trade flows between countries and regions for specific products.