Projected Yearend Trade: Polypropylene and Propylene Copolymers

Polypropylene yearend 2012 trade volume is projected to be up 2%; propylene copolymers trade volume, up 5%. Middle East exports surge.

Key trends underlying the 2% rise in polypropylene homopolymer global trade volume projected for 2012 were: a 19% increase in Middle East exports, on much higher volumes to Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and Eastern Europe; lower exports from Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

Propylene copolymers trade volume is projected to be up 5% for the year on: a 51% jump in Middle East exports, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific high growth destinations; gains of 5%-6% on exports from Western Europe and Asia-Pacific; a 2% drop in shipments from North America.