Monthly Archives: February 2016

Major Trends in Ethylene and Propylene Monomer Global Trade in 2015

The volume of ethylene monomer traded globally in 2015 was up 12% from 2014; propylene monomer trade expanded 11%. Much higher shipments from North America to Asia-Pacific, and substantially reduced exports from the Middle East to that region, were prominent features of global ethylene trade. North America also exported much higher volumes of propylene, but nearly all of it to Latin America. The Middle East increased its propylene exports to Asia-Pacific.

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Major Trends in EVA Global Trade in 2015

The volume of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer traded globally in 2015 was up 10% from 2014, indicating a significant increase in global demand. Much higher imports into Asia-Pacific, sourced mainly from North America, Western Europe, and, with the largest percentage gain, the Middle East, plus expanded trade within the Asia-Pacific region, were the leading factor in the increase.

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