59 Million Tons of Ethylene Polymers Were Traded in 2017

The total of all ethylene polymers imported and exported in 2017 was 59 million tons, up 7% from 2016, based on statistics from over 70 countries.

HDPE trade accounted for 23.6 million tons, up 7%. LDPE/LLDPE was 20.6 million tons, up 5%. EVA was 2.6 million tons, up 9%.

Trade in Ethylene Copolymers was 12.3 million tons, up 13%, which included 7.5 million tons of ethylene-alpha-olefins copolymers.

From International Trader Publications’ World Trade Reports on All Polymers of Ethylene, HDPE, LDPE/LLDE, EVA, Ethylene Copolymers and Etylene-alpha-Olefins Copolymers.