Global Trade in Ethylene-alpha-Olefins Copolymers was 7.5 Million Tons in 2017

Ethylene-alpha-olefins copolymers are a new product designation by the World Customs Organization as of 2017 that has been assigned a unique Harmonized System code number. Trade in 2017 visible from statistics of more than 70 countries totaled 7.5 million tons.

Ethylene-alpha-olefins copolymers are low density ethylene polymers, mainly linear, in which an alpha-olefin makes up more than 5% of the weight of the polymer.

There was extensive trade in ethylene-alpha-olefins copolymers in 2017 in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America, although many countries do not yet use the new code and some are in the process of transitioning to it.

From International Trader Publications’ Ethylene-alpha-Olefins Copolymers World Trade Report.