60 Million Tons of Ethylene Polymers Trade Projected Globally for 2017, up 6%

Trade in LDPE/LLDPE, HDPE, EVA and Ethylene Copolymers is projected by International Trader Publications to be up by 6% at yearend 2017 versus the prior year, to nearly 60 million tons.

HDPE is the largest component of the total with 23.4 million tons of trade projected, up 6%. LDPE/LLDPE trade is 20.4 million tons, up 4%. Ethylene Copolymers trade, which includes large volumes of LLDPE as alpha-olefin copolymers, is projected to be up 10%, to 12 million tons. EVA trade of 2.6 million tons is projected up 9%.

Yearend projections for regional importers: Asia-Pacific up 15%, to over 15.5 million tons;  Eastern Europe up 4%;  Western Europe, Africa and Latin America down by 2%-8%.; North America, up 60% on small volumes.

Yearend projections for regional exporters: Middle East, up 9%, to over 17 million tons; Western Europe, up 7%; Asia-Pacific and North America each down 6%; Latin America, up 50%; Eastern Europe, up 19%.

From International Trader Publications’ “All Polymers of Ethylene World Trade Report” – a continuously updated on line analysis of trade trends between countries and regions, based on latest import/export statistics from 90 countries.