Brazil’s Polymer Trade in 2018

Brazil imported 1.9 million tons of commodity polymers in 2018, up 11%. Exports were smaller, 1.6 million tons, and fell by 17%. Trade in recycle polymers was minor, noting a sharp drop in exports. Fabricated plastic product imports totaled 173,000 tons, up 9%; exports were 133,000 tons, up 3%.

Ethylene polymers were the largest component of Brazil’s imports in 2018, 912,000 tons, up 12%. Half was sourced from North America and increased by 29%, another 30% from within Latin America, with an increase of 8%.

Brazil exported slightly less ethylene polymers than it imported, 857,000 tons, down 11%. Other Latin America was the leading destination, followed by Asia-Pacific and Western Europe.

Imports of propylene polymers also rose, up 17%, to 371,000 tons, and included over 100,000 tons from the Middle East, up 80%.

Brazil shipped 464,000 tons of propylene polymers, down 17% on declines to several regions.

Fabricated product imports were mainly film/sheet of PE, PP and PET and also PVC floor and wall covering, sourced from within Latin America and other regions. Exports were mainly PE and PP film/sheet exported within Latin America.

From International Trader Publications’ 2018 Brazil Polymer Trade Report, a 50 page, online publication based on statistics from Brazil and analyzing Brazil’s trade in commodity polymers, recycle polymers and fabricated plastic products.