Long-term Trends in Imports and Exports for Every Country and Region are Revealed in ITP’s New Trade Archive From 2010

The new Trade Archive is a resource of historic volume, price and trading partner information for every country and region from 2010.

The Archive holds monthly data for every country and region for all the polymers, recyclable polymers, organic and inorganic chemicals, liquified gases, synthetic rubber products and fabricated plastic products ITP follows.

Current subscribers to ITP’s World Trade Analyses and Polymer Trade Reports have the option to build their company’s customized Archive that will include all Reports from when their company first subscribed. Reports from earlier periods can be requested.

The entire content of each company’s Archive’s will be continuously updated with latest revisions and additions and will grow throughout the year.

ITP’s new Trade Archive from 2010 is an option available to current subscribers to World Trade Analyses and Polymer Trade Reports. For more information contact ITP@ITPweb.com