ITP’s World Trade Matrixes Now Available in CSV

ITP’s Matrixes are one of the most powerful, accurate tools available for analyzing global trade. The new CSV format converts the standard Matrix grid into an accessible, customizable database.

ITP’s World Trade Matrixes capture nearly all of the world’s trade volume, show how current trends in trade differ from the prior period, reveal trade for countries that do not report statistics, and clarify how one region’s trade impacts other regions.

The new CSV format is an optional feature that subscribers can use to customize the cumulative Matrix data to meet their own specific needs.

The CSV format can be used to:

  • Rank importers and exporters by volume
  • Create custom regions
  • See trends in every country’s total import/export volumes
  • See trends among each country’s trading partners
  • Determine multi-year trends for standard or customized regions

The new CSV format is an option available to current subscribers to World Trade Analyses. For more information contact