China’s Fabricated Plastic Products Exports Surge

China’s exports of fabricated plastic products surged in December 2015 and ended the year up 6% from 2014. Exports of several large-volume fabricated products set new record highs.

China’s exports of a representative group of fabricated plastic products have increased each year since at least 2011. In 2015, China’s exports of these products totaled 8.4 million tons,  up 6%. Shipments of polyethylene bags and sacks hit a new high in December and totaled 1.2 million tons for the year, unchanged from 2014.The US and Japan were the top export destinations, among many.

Exports of PVC floor and wall coverings also set a record for the month, with volume for the year of 1.6 million tons, up 15%. The US, followed distantly by Germany and Canada, were the top destinations, although volumes were shipped worldwide.

From: International Trader Publications’ 2015 China Polymer World Trade Report