China’s Polymer Exports Fell in 2015

China exported 4.1 million tons of polymers in 2015, down 10% from the prior year. PET was the largest volume polymer export, followed by PVC, both down from 2014. Exports of polyethylene increased.

China exported 2.1 million tons of PET in 2015, down 9% from the prior year, noting much lower shipments to Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Exports of PVC were 939,000 tons, down 25%, mainly on declines to Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe.

Shipments of ethylene polymers firmed in the last quarter and totaled 534,000 tons for the year, up 4%. Exports within the region were up, as were smaller volume shipments to Africa, the Middle East and Western Europe.

From International Trader Publications’ 2015 China Polymer World Trade Report