China’s PET exports total 1.4 million tons through July 2014, up 21% on big gains to Japan, Russia, US, India and others

China exported PET at record levels from March through May of 2014, shipments easing moderately in June and July. Nearly all of this was bottle-grade polymer. After falling for several months, the average export price picked up slightly in July, to $1267/ton.
Five markets accounted for about 40% of the 1.4 million tons China shipped through July: Japan, 202,000 tons, up 33%; Russia, 115,000 tons, up 83%; United States, 92,000 tons, up 88%; India, 64,000 tons, up 350%; and Egypt, 61,000 tons, up 18%. Numerous markets in the Asia-Pacific region, Eastern Europe and Latin America accounted for most of the remainder.