Global PVC Trade Expands in 2013; Trade in EDC and VCM Also Grows

Global trade in PVC expanded by 6% in 2013. Trade in EDC grew 10%; VCM, 7%. Trends in global trade volume for widely traded products are an indicator of global demand. ITP measured 12.9 million tons of PVC trade in 2013, 2.9 million tons of EDC trade, and 3.4 million tons of VCM trade.

Major regional trends reflected in the 6% growth in global PVC trade in 2013 included: increased exports from Western Europe, on gains to Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America; after seven years of increases, a 5% drop in North America’s exports, much lower shipments to Asia-Pacific and also lower volumes to the Middle East more than offsetting gains to Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa; in Asia-Pacific, higher exports from China, Japan and other sources expanded intra-regional trade, increased exports abroad and reduced imports into the region; new capacity in the Middle East also raised exports, which are currently small, and reduced imports.

EDC trade in 2013 was highlighted by expanded intra-regional trade in Western Europe, a 41% jump in exports from North America, which went mainly to Asia-Pacific, and a 4% decline in exports from the Middle East to Asia-Pacific.

VCM trade in 2013 was impacted by expanded intra-regional trade in Asia-Pacific and Western Europe, higher exports from North America to Latin America and Asia-Pacific, and, a 4% increase in Middle East exports to Asia-Pacific.

(From ITP’s World Trade Reviews of 2013).