Global Trends in Butadiene Monomer Trade in 2016

The volume of butadiene traded as imports and exports in 2016 was over 2.5 million tons, up 10% from 2015. Higher imports into Asia-Pacific and North America featured prominently in the increase in global volume.

Asia-Pacific imported nearly 400,000 tons of butadiene in 2016, up 64%. Western Europe supplied well over 100,000 tons, up from small volumes the year before. Asia-Pacific imports from Latin America also increased, to over 80,000 tons. Imports from the Middle East fell by 9%, to 135,000 tons. (Data is preliminary, based on latest reporting countries, and includes isoprene.)

United States imported 330,000 tons in 2016, up 13%. Canada supplied 85,000 tons; other top sources, with gains, included Brazil, Belgium, UK and Taiwan.

From International Trader Publications’: Butadiene World Trade Report