United States Propylene Exports up 57% in 2016

The US exported 431,000 tons of propylene in 2016, up 57% from 2015, shipments to Colombia and Mexico accounting for nearly all of the total.

Over the last three years, US exports have gone from 99,000 tons in 2014, to 275,000 tons in 2015, to 431,000 tons last year. Colombia and Mexico were the leading export destinations  throughout the period; exports in 2015 also included about 50,000 tons to other countries, mainly in Western Europe.

The average US export price was roughly steady around $700/ton from September 2015 through July 2016, climbed to $1000/ton by October, and then declined to $733/ton in December. The higher prices in October and November correlated with a drop in shipments.

From International Trader Publications’: Propylene World Trade Report