HDPE: Current Global Trade Trends

The volume of HDPE polymer traded globally, 7.3 million tons, was up 5% through May, 2015, based on reporting countries. Among the top exporting regions, shipments from the Middle East, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific increased; North America’s were down; markets shifted between exporters. 

The Middle East shipped over 2.4 million tons through May, up 9%. Three-quarters of the total, 1.9 million tons, went to Asia-Pacific, up 9%; there were substantially larger percentage increases on smaller volume exports to Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Western Europe exported 461,000 tons, up 10%, noting strong gains to the Americas, and Asia-Pacific.

Exports from Asia-Pacific totaled 341,000 tons, up 4%, 116,000 tons of which went to Latin America, up 28%. Africa was also a strong growth export destination.

North America exported less polymer to its largest market, Latin America, which accounted for most of the 4% decline in North America’s export total of 474,000 tons.

High growth import markets YTD in Latin America included: Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru and Chile; in Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

From ITP’s: HDPE World Trade Report