LDPE: Current Global Trade Trends

The volume of LDPE polymer traded globally, 4.4 million tons, was up 3% through May, 2015, based on reporting countries. Expanded trade within Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and increased imports into Latin America and Eastern Europe were factors in the higher global trade volume. Shipments by two of the top three exporting regions, Middle East and North America, were down, and shipments from Western Europe were unchanged,  lower volumes to Asia-Pacific a factor. 

Latin America was a growth import market, imports totaling 368,000 tons through May, up 15%.  Although imports from its largest supplier, North America, were down slightly, there were large percentage gains on supplies from the Middle East, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific. Growth import markets in the region included: Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina.

Eastern Europe imported 301,000 tons May YTD, up 10%. Western Europe provided three-fourths of the total, up 14%; the Middle East most of the remainder, unchanged. Growth markets in the region included: Turkey, Russia, Poland and Czech Republic.

Among exporters, Middle East shipments were down 1% YTD, mainly on a 3% drop in shipments to Asia-Pacific, its biggest market.  Western Europe’s exports to Asia-Pacific were down 23%. North America’s exports were down by 9%, on 3% lower volume to Latin America and a 20% drop to Asia-Pacific.

From ITP’s: LDPE World Trade Report